Procoat Painting LLC is a professional paint company offering both commercial and residential painting services in Athens GA and surrounding areas.  Our focus is on our people, as we believe that building a strong culture is the key to providing consistent quality work to our clients. We also see management as a key factor in providing a genuine and seamless experience for both our crews and our clients.  We are excited to grow with the Athens area, and to build lasting relationships inside this wonderful community.  Thank you for considering our team for your project.

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We maintain a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy on all people working on your home. With safety in mind, we will do everything we can to avoid any injuries on the jobsite. However, accidents can happen. In the event of anything being broken during the process of the job, or any injuries that may occur, you don’t need to worry about losing any sleep. Our insurance policy will cover any accidents that arise.


Our Basic Warranty:  All of our work is covered by a 2-year warranty. If any areas on your home are not taken care of properly, you can be sure problems will show up in the first 2 years. We stand by our work, and will come out to fix up any problem areas that you may find.

We warranty quality work. That means we requirea full power wash, all the necessary prep work, and quality materials in order for us to back up the work. If any corners are cut, you may save money in the short run but we cannot guarantee that the job will last.·

You can expect your 2-year warranty paint job to
last anywhere from 5-7 years.

Exteded Warranty: Some customers would like a paint job that lasts longer than 5-7 years. If that is you, we recommend doing 2 coats to give you extra protection around your home. If you would like an estimate for 2 coats, you can expect that to last 7-10 years for 30% more of the cost.




Communication:  We promise to maintain thorough communication throughout your painting process. This includes everything from scheduling your estimate, to choosing your colors and setting up your start date, to keeping you updated prior to and throughout the job.

Quality prep work and materials:  We promise to keep your quality our focus. A detailed written agreement will outline the quality of products and prep work that will be included on the painting of your home. We promise to honor those agreements, to fulfill on all of the prep work, and to use the quality materials that you choose. We stand by our work!

Cleanliness:  We promise to keep the jobsite clean. This includes using dropsheets around the home, masking off the home properly, and cleaning up at the end of the day. Any drips or messes will be cleaned up before completion of the job.

Satisfaction:  We promise to leave you satisfied at the end of the job. A final walk around will be done prior to collecting a final payment to ensure your satisfaction with the work done on your home.



1.       Get a free estimate: To book a spot in our schedule, we require a 25% deposit and authorization to do the work on your home.

2.       Within 2 weeks of reserving a spot, you will get a phone call from our production
manager to start talking about the colors and potential start date. On this call we will also address any other concerns or details that need to be managed prior to starting work on your home.

3.       2-4 weeks before the start date, by this point you should have had a color consultaion and colors should be finalized. At this point we will also provide anything you need for approval from a HOA.

4.       The week leading up to the job you can expect phone calls to keep you updated on the estimated start date and any changes due to weather or unforeseen delays in
our work schedule.

5.       Before we start painting:  We will do a pre-job walk through with out lead painter.  If the project in an exterior repaint we will power wash the house.  If it is an interior project we will do any drywall repair and/or prep work.

6.       During the job, we will let you know what time you can expect us to start work each day. We will talk with you daily about the progress of the job and any concerns
so we can address those right away.

7.       At the end of the job, we’ll take you around the house to do any last touch ups
before we ask for a final payment. We would also appreciate it if you would
fill out a short survey letting us know how the process was for you. Your
feedback is very valuable to us. We would also appreciate any referrals or a reference
letter to express your satisfaction with the work we do and with our company.




Trim:  It’s very common for areas on the trim to begin peeling. Most trim that’s peeling is real wood, such as 1×2’s used on fascia, door trim, garage trim, or railings. In addition to any real wood on the house, any areas where moisture accumulates. These areas take a lot of damage from moisture sitting on them and freezing then thawing, and constantly beating on the paint. Once the paint begins to peel, those areas on your home are exposed to the weather. When water gets into the wood and freezes, or water is constantly running through the wood, you’ll begin to see the wood begin to get gray and rot. This leads to replacement, which can be very costly. Any areas on your home that are peeling will most likely be the same areas that will peel in the future. We recommend to take special care of these kinds of areas. By scraping off any peeling paint, we can be sure not to apply onto a surface that is already peeling.  Sanding this area will smooth out the edge between what has peeled off and what has not peeled, and sanding will also create a better surface for us to apply the paint onto. Finally, after the area has been scraped and sanded, we recommend using a high-quality primer to seal this area. The sanded wood creates a rough surface for the primer to bond to, and the primer will create a better surface for the paint to adhere and bond to than if we just apply paint to the wood.

Siding:  Georgia is moist, and peeling is a very common problem. If any siding is peeling it can be very costly if not taken care of properly. On many homes that are first built, there is a very thin layer of paint applied. After 7-10 years, many times the underside of the siding will start to peel, specifically on the North side of the home. The North side of the home experiences less sunshine, so moisture is more likely to stick around longer. This moisture slowly wears away the paint on the underside of the siding boards. Each time it rains or snows, more moisture runs down the side of the house, wearing down the paint. The lower siding boards experience this more than the siding boards on the 2nd story. Eventually, the underside will start to peel, leading to an exposed board. If this is not taken care of, your siding boards will begin swelling and can lead to replacement. Replacing siding can be very costly. We recommend to sand off any peeling paint on the bottom of the siding boards. After sanding, we would prime those areas to seal up the boards before applying any paint. If this is not done properly, you can only expect the job to last about 2-4 years before these areas start to peel again. If done properly, you can expect it to last more like 5-7 years.


Cracking is one of the most common paint problems in Georgia.  Builders use inexpensive and low quality caulking when painting your house. As the temperatures change, your house expands and contracts. As this happens over and over again, the caulking doesn’t hold up and begins to break down and crack leaving your home exposed. Moisture can get into these cracks and goes back behind your boards. This leads to boards warping away from the house, or boards rotting from the inside out. In order to properly protect your home, we recommend resealing all of these cracks with a siliconized acrylic caulking. Silicone is more flexible than standard contractors caulking, so it will breathe with the house and last longer. However, paint will not stick to silicon caulking. This is why we recommend siliconized acrylic caulking that will hold paint, but also last longer


Fading or chalking is another very common problem in Georgia. Sun blasts your home with UV rays breaking down the resin in the paint. Resin is the primary component in paint that protects the home. Pigment gives it the color. When the house starts to fade, this is an indication that the resin has broken down in the paint and there is minimal protection on your home. Without protection on the house,
moisture will get into those boards (usually siding boards) and lead to warped siding boards which can be very expensive to replace. We recommend a power wash to wash off any dust and residue from the chalking. For sides that experience the most sunlight, we also recommend a second coat or a coat of primer for extra protection. This will provide a higher level of resin and protection for that side of the home, ensuring that it will not fade as quickly so you can avoid costly replacement costs in the future and a longer lasting paint job.

Nail Holes

Moisture can sit in nail holes around the house and do damage to your siding. You’ll see areas where there are nail holes beginning to swell due to moisture getting into
those areas. If you only paint over these, there will still be a small pocket for water to sit. We recommend caulking these nails holes to leave an even surface for moisture to flow off of, rather than sitting there breaking down the paint



Nail Holes

Caulk them and paint them, sometimes a light sand if needed to make it as even as possible. Paint will usually make this a lot better but if there was a nail hole there if you stand in front of it and look at it you will probably be able to find where it was.

Previous Patchwork

Usually specific to houses 10 years or older, homeowners or handyman may have attempted to patch a hole or crack and now there is flat but not textured putty or other substance. We can do a light sand to give appearance of texture, and there are spray cans of texture that we can try. So again, there are two options we can try to make it look good and it will look better, but it is impossible for new texture to match previous texture 100 percent.

Dents and Cracks

Kids, dogs, and a million other things put small dents in walls, and when pictures and other things are taken off often times cracks are revealed. Run a line of caulk down the seam of the crack and spread a small dab of putty on the dents (unless homeowner prefers to just paint over small dents), smooth over, light sand, texture if possible.

Items on Wall and in House

Clients must have everything they can possibly move without straining themselves moved to center of room. If there are things firmly bolted into the wall such as large heavy murals, portraits, or Bolted TVs we cannot guarantee that they can be taken down, painted around, and re-hung unless confirmed with sub and added to bid (at least 10 man hours).


We can’t make walls look new, similar to very old wood on an exterior. Two coats of paint will always make it look better, but if there are holes, cracks, patchwork, dents etc., it may be in the client’s best interest to call a drywall company first. We DO NOT MAKE ANY GUARANTEES AROUND THESE ITEMS EXCEPT THAT WE CAN LIKELY MAKE IT LOOK BETTER.

 What we don’t commonly do: Call us to discuss these types of projects

  • Large Drywall Repair
  • Touch ups only
  • Wall paper removal (case by case)
  • Popcorn ceiling removal (case by case)
  • Artistic painting
  • Exact match colors
  • Come before other trades
  • Major wood woking projects or rebuilds

Exterior Paints

Interior Paints

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